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What will happen after my appointment?

After your appointment you will be sent a copy of the letter summarising the outcome of the consultation and next steps. Professor Kochhar will often request for you to return for a follow up consultation, either after investigations such as MRIs or CT scans, or after interventions or treatments.

I have been asked to make a follow up appointment. Is this necessary?

The purpose of the follow up appointment is to reassess and re-examine you to better understand:

  • Your current symptoms
  • Your progress since your last appointment/intervention/treatment, and
  • What is required to help you progress going forward.

He will then advise the appropriate onward treatment plan.

The follow up appointment is also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or new symptoms you are experiencing so that Professor Kochhar can direct your further treatment appropriately.

At all points in your treatment plan we correspond with you and your physical therapist to provide updates on your treatment. We also often receive updates from your physical therapists which provides Professor Kochhar with a clearer picture of how you are progressing.

I have been seeing a physiotherapist. Will Professor Kochhar let them know what the plan is for my treatment?

For this multidisciplinary approach to work to your best advantage if we are not already aware of your therapist, please provide us with their contact details so that we can keep them updated and so that they can provide us with any updates and relevant information.

Upper limb problems require a full circle multidisciplinary approach and we will work closely with you and any other allied healthcare practitioners to ensure your treatment is delivered in a joined-up manner.

What insurance details will you need?

For insured patients, we will require your membership and authorisation details. Professor Kochhar is recognised by all insurance companies.

My insurance policy may have some limitations? How do I know my treatment will be covered?

Every insurance policy is different and may have limitations on who you can see or where you can be seen. Although Professor Kochhar is fully recognised by all insurance companies, other specialists or some facilities may not be.

Any onward referrals for investigations or treatment by other specialists should always be discussed with your insurer and you should ensure you fully understand the level of cover provided by your insurer.

My insurance company has told me that I am not covered to see a specialist or therapist Professor Kochhar has recommended. What do I do?

Unfortunately this does sometimes occur and some insurance policies do have restrictions and limitations.

If you require assistance with finding a physical therapist, specialist or facility which falls within your insurance company limits as part of your treatment with Professor Kochhar, we will try to help. Please provide us with a shortlist, as suggested by your insurance company so that we can help with this.

Will all my scans and appointments be fully covered by my insurance policy?

Professor Kochhar is fully recognised by all insurers, however some insurance policies may limit the amount of cover they provide or impose an excess. It is therefore important to understand, at every stage of your treatment, what these limits are and how much of the allowance you have used up.

Is it possible to see Professor Kochhar if I am not insured?

We understand that you may want to fund all or part of your treatment yourself. We accept self pay patients and can liaise with hospitals and facilities we work with to provide you a full and transparent quote for treatment before you proceed.

Professor Kochhar told me I need to have a follow up appointment in a few weeks’ time but I have not been contacted yet. What should I do?

When the correspondence from your last clinic appointment is sent out one of our secretarial team will contact you to organise any agreed follow up appointments. This usually occurs 2-5 working days after your appointment. If you have not been contacted by this time, or if you need to be seen urgently please call Professor Kochhar’s office to arrange another appointment.

I have not received a copy of a clinic letter. What should I do?

If you have provided an email address, a copy of the clinic letter will be sent to you within 2-5 working days, and a copy sent to your GP or any allied healthcare professionals. If you have not received a letter within this time and have provided an email address please check your spam mail in case the letter has been misdirected to this folder.

In all cases we are happy to provide copies of correspondence if you request this.

How soon after my MRI can I be seen for a follow up appointment?

We usually advise leaving at least 48 hours to allow the radiologist to report on your scan. You will therefore be offered an appointment at least 48 hours after the MRI appointment to allow us to obtain these results.

I am attending for a follow up appointment after an MRI. What do I need for my appointment?

You will need the CD of images from the MRI scan for your appointment with Professor Kochhar. Please ensure you take this with you when you leave your MRI appointment (it should be given to you but if it is not, please ask for it) and bring this to your follow up appointment with Professor Kochhar. It is useful for Professor Kochhar to be able to look at the images with you, as well as discussing the findings of the scan report.

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